Saturday, 21 July 2012

The obligatory 'going away' hair change

So of course you get your hair cut before you go away right?

and of course you spruce your colour up about a bit?

and instead up updating your shaggy highlights, you decide to opt for something a little more 'au naturale',

something easier to maintain while you're away.......

like you're going back to your roots....quite literally, with a nice ash brown,

but of course to cover up the blonde, the hairdresser has to use a brown with a slight red pigment in order for it to 'take'.

and of course she assures you in won't look 'red' when it's done.

and of course you believe her.

and now of course you hate it because all you feel like doing when you look in mirror is scream 'RED HAIR, RED HAIR, RED HAIR'.

so when you had this in mind...........

but instead you got this............

Note the reinactment of my shock/suprise/disappointment when i first saw/everytime 
i now see in the true light of day.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My laptop had a baby!
con-gratuuuuuu.....lations and celebrations.....

So instead of schlepping the big laptop around for this trip I can use this ickle netbook!

I've heard many reviews on such netbooks, but to get online and other simple tricks I think it's the best option. Even if i could buy an ipad....I wouldn't. I still love the 'tip, tap' of typing. Even if it will be on a minature scale.

I put out the feelers for such a netbook and the universe provided! (courtesy of a pal Jason Kerley - way way cool illustrator/curator/all round good guy) check out his website here!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The dreaded croc

So yes....they don't have the best 'rep' for street cool.
But I do have a very strong memory of how comfortable they can be as i used to wear a pair of 'mary jane' style for my previous job.
With all the anticipated walking....I think it would be wise to invest in some of these 'I don't look like a pair of crocs, but i am a pair crocs' crocs.