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Sunday, 2 September 2012

mosquito gate

Whilst I can claim to have been bitten by....pretty much every single common animal or insect you can be bitten by (seriously....german shepherd, tom cat.....a squirrel....the list goes on), I have never had the pleasure of being bitten so consistently by one particular insect. 

Welcome to mosquito gate

how to prevent mosquito bites, plug in

So while I may have nodded and frowned in sympathy to others in years gone by, I can now fully understand the plight of those who have been blessed by sweet blood.

Since I arrived in Rome just over a month ago, I've been averaging out at least 2/3 new bites every single day. EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN DAY.

how to prevent mosquito bites, tropical spray

I know they aren't singling out my english blood for dinner because the italians also recieve the love bites from what surely should be classed as their native bird. But where my bite lingers, grows into a mound and get's itchier by the hour....theirs simply disappears after a half day.

how to prevent mosquito bites, citronella candle

So here are just some of the ways i've been trying to prevent mosquito bites

*this list is not exhaustive

wearing no perfume or body spray
anti-mosquito spray
citronella candles
anti mosquito plug in
mosquito nets
eating more garlic
hiding from them in dark corners, holding my breath, praying they won't notice me

how to prevent mosquito bites, netting

This is by no means an 'advice' post.

This is a 'come and suffer with me' post.

because literally nothing has worked, I am currently sitting here with 3 active bites the size of a 2p coin.

how to prevent mosquito bites, cortisone cream

The nice thing here in Italy is that as a first resort they would prefer you to try and combat any medical problem naturally. 'Use this natural oil, that natural spray, this candle, that incense'. Which is truly admirably. 
But I would have paid 100euro to the first pharmacist to supply me with any kind of chemical to free me of this torture. (or maybe held them at gun point)

After nearly crying at the Farmacia, they gave me a cortisone cream to at least stop them from getting infected...........for even though i promised i wouldn't....... i've scratched myself to death. If it hadn't been so hot, I would have covered up my ugly pins to hide the marks.

If anybody has any other advice in how to prevent mosquito bites, i would be eternally grateful......even if it involves naked ritual midnight dancing, hopping on one leg, mimicking the mosquito natural predator.......

hey........ that's not a bad idea...........