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Thursday, 11 October 2012


After a meet up with fellow bloggers Natalie from and Marina from we tried out a local bar in the Monti quarter for some prosecco and 'Caponata'.

Ever since trying it i've been itching to try and make it. It's a traditional Sicilian dish, served best cold with some bread and is a kind of sweet and sour mix of vegetables.

I got the recipe from 'Laura in the kitchen' who ironically enough is an american with origins from Naples.

The main base is 'Melanzane' (eggplant, aubergine) which in the preperation you have to add tonnes of salt to  so you extract as much moisture as possible. It's a fairly easy recipe to follow, it's just the wait time of 1hr for the melanzane to bleed all it's water that can be a yawn.

making caponata, homemade

A little peeved that i didn't add enough melanzane (eggplant) and that mine doesn't look as 'red' in colour as hers but it's tasty enough!

making caponata, homemade

And Alessio eyes have popped out at the thought of some sicillian cooking happening in the house!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Cafe culture

If you ever find yourself in Ciampino, just before a flight or after hopping off the plane then hot foot it to 'Nino's' for some cafe and funghi arancina. Wherever i end up in the world i know that i will always miss this place......

They serve their cafe with 'pana' which is some kind of mix of cream and egg whites and the funghi arancina is literally to die for....melt in your mouth creaminess.

When you imagine sitting in a cafe in Italy, watching the world go by with a newspaper maybe....this is the kind of heaven you could experience.

via IV Novembre,89-95
00043, Ciampino

coffee and cream
coffee and cream
mushroom risotto balls
mushroom risotto balls

Friday, 21 September 2012

ordering a chinese in italian - an msg hangover

So sometimes even in Italy you may get a craving for something a bit different food wise.
Not that endless pastries, creamy pasta's and fresh pomodoro can't get tiresome can get tiresome. (just sometimes)

There's not a huge culture of international food here in Rome. More indian and chinese cuisine restaurants have opened in recent years so i'm told, but it's not the booming industry it is in the UK.
I'm a fussy/picky/infuriating person when it comes to ordering chinese anyway. Always desperate to try something new but always ending up ordering a time old favourite.

Chicken chow mein. do you order that in Italian?
There's no way to google translate this kind of thing.

Take a look at the menu below and see if you can make any sense of it!

ordering chinese in italian

ordering chinese in italian

ordering chinese in italian

What a mine field eh? What would normally take 10 mins to decide and place an order, took 2 hours of google translate/image search to figure what each dish would mean. 

I mean really....when you see 'spaghetti' you think pasta right?

So go ahead and google 'spaghetti di riso con carne'

Sounds a bit like spaghetti with chilli con carne right?

So eventually after some trial an error I can now order what i want. Phew!

All the brain ache was worth it.......twas yummy trash food! (but what an MSG hangover)

FYI - 'spaghetti di riso con pollo' is chicken chow mein (you're welcome)

ordering chinese in italian

ordering chinese in italian

ordering chinese in italian

Friday, 7 September 2012

Breakfast in bed

''What 'I' is a certain type breakfast, better known as a delicious 'cornetto' dusted with icing sugar, served with hot espresso?''

''Me! me! pick me!!!''

''Yes nancy......''


ding, ding, ding, ding.......''we have a winner!''

cornetto, espresso 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dairy bingo

1 line

They actually have banana yoghurt here! 
(No more buying muller crunch corners just for the banana yoghurt!)

banana yoghurt in italy

2 lines

No more holding out for Onken to bring back the limited edition vanilla with chocolate bits!
This is 'stacciatella', which is precisely that! You can get this as gelato as well, which is my current favourite!

stacciatella yoghurt italy

full house

You can get a stacciatella cake mix, just pour in the tin and pop in the oven........

stacciatella cake mix


a few pounds 
(in weight.........not monetary)

Friday, 17 August 2012

no eggs?

tarallucci biscuits

So Italians wouldn't dream of having eggs for breakfast............

but they wouldn't think twice about having biscuits and milk, like we have cereal.....there are about a thousand different varieties in the supermarket. My dad would love it. (he's more of a kit kat and milk breakfast fan)

umm....that's pretty cool.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I need to train my belly for all the food

Just had dinner at the lush 'la porchetta' in Islington.

But am bloaty as a bloaty fish can be. I think i may need to get used to this hearty italian fayre.

I asked for a small portion of pasta and it could have filled a football field.

bloaty, bloaty, bloaty.

But it's a deffo recommend. The service is amazing, they are just smiley, smiley people.

With a free shot of limoncello....whose complaining?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Something i think i may possibly miss (apart from people - of course)

I was quite looking forward to Onken posssiiibbbllllyyy bringing back their limited edition vanilla and chocolate flake yogurt. It's a bit like ....melted vienetta. yum.

Something i definitely won't miss.........

The dregs of society who hang around the pub opposite walthamstow central (who i have to pass everydayyyyyyy). I cannot stress enough how much i strongly believe the cast of  'Total Recall' were discovered here. (you know - the freaks in the bar.....crazy eyed, one armed, drunk, 3 get the picture)

Monday, 2 July 2012

Looking in the fridge since visiting Palermo is definitely uninspiring.

I suppose I could throw together something with the pot of sundried tomatoes, tub of cream cheese, pack of bacon, bag of salad and buffalo mozzarella?

If the tomatoes hadn't been in the fridge for about a month, same for the cream cheese.....and the salad.....and the mozzarella. The bacon has better odds with just 1 week. 

But it's been uncovered.....better not take the risk eh?

So whilst grabbing handfuls of cereal and seriously considering the chicken shop around the corner (but it's raining, is this going to happen?) I have been dreaming in gelato.

Bright, creamy orgasmic gelato............