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Sunday, 7 October 2012


Unbeknown to some, Rome can often be a little on the expensive side.

We went to 'Eataly' yesterday (huge modern harrods style food hall warehouse) and I almost cried at the thought of paying 20euro to sit inside and eat a small rotisserie chicken. Amazing place and if i had a spare 1000 euro i would definitely do my weekly shop there.

Plus i found kettle chips. I'm waiting until i find some hummus to pop open the packet.

But groupon has amazing deals, a friend buys car hire vouchers for 5euro and gets to hire a car worth 50euro.

But seeing as my italian still needs help, i normally just copy and paste the url address into google translate and the whole page is translated! did you know you can do that?

But once again Google can't always be trusted............

From this.......

to this....